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Business Continuity, self-audit BCP (BC360) will enable organisations to collate, evaluate, recommend, or establish their BCP including Disaster Recovery (DR).

No matter how big or small your operation may be, companies across Australia can greatly benefit from Business Continuity Audits. Based in Perth, our BC360 consultants are here to help you safeguard your business for the future with the right tools and services.

In addition, a Business Continuity Audit tool will enable the organisations/companies to analyse and compare themselves (anonymously) with other organisations. Reporting on the same industry, sector, geographical location, or company size. The ideas were born from the fact that many organisations don’t have well documented and centralised BC or even DR. By tracking the development of a business in comparison with the growth of the industry, our BC360 clients will be able to have a firm grasp on the status of their operation.

In most cases, when a key employee or executive leaves an organisation, the knowledge related to the BC and DR leaves with them. Unfortunately, this inevitably means that the organisational risk increases at the time of significant personnel changes.

At the same time however, when the companies/organisations go through major organisational or business changes, their DR and BC solutions change along with it. It is important to review the Disaster Recovery and Business Audit plans regularly (6 monthly) as well as at points of significant personnel or company change.

Companies that are proactive about emergency incidents are the first to resume activity in the event of an incident. Therefore, they will be able to quickly resume operations and minimise any losses incurred during this time. By choosing to have a plan, you are setting your business up for stability in case of an emergency.

By choosing to have a Business Continuity Audits plan with BC360, businesses based in Perth can rest assured their operation will always be protected, even in the event of an emergency.

Business Continuity Audit (BC360) and DR is a task usually dedicated to any one person within the company. At the same time if not planned and tested it can affect the entire company if a disaster occurs. Founded to help and assist companies to ensure this important task are well planned and rehearsed. Furthermore, we will help to ensure such events assist companies going through DR come through as per plan.

As one of the more vital solutions to assisting in the stability and continuous growth of your company, our Business Continuity Audits will provide Perth businesses with an accurate tool to safely manage their risks.

When it comes to setting your business up for stability in the future, we guarantee you can’t go wrong with our next generation Business Continuity Audit tool.

Additionally, BC360 offers ICT Audit, Privacy Audit. In addition, there are Continuous Improvement and Risk Management modules that companies can subscribe to.

To find out more about our Business Continuity Audits, please contact our Perth based consultants today on 0480 030 360.

Certified CBCI professionals

Certified CBCI professionals from Data Cube can help you with your BCP and DR through their fast and reliable services. Get in touch with our BC360 team today for more information.

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Is your business ready for a Business Continuity Audit? Do you have a Response Plan?

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