Business Continuity Framework 360

BC360 will help companies audit, collate, evaluate or establish their Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery


IT Audit and Consulting

BC360 offers IT Audit, Reporting and Recommendations, DR tests and consulting services.


Business Continuity Tabletop exercise

Tabletop exercises are discussion-based exercises where participants go through the various Business Continuity scenarios.


Pandemic Response Plan Checklist

Over 100 questions you should answer before you create or update your pandemic response plan


Business Continuity Plan 360 | IT Audit and Consulting

A Business Continuity Plan 360 (BC360) IT Audit and Consulting service will help organisations collate, evaluate, and provide recommendations. Furthermore, it will assist with the establishing or improving of an existing Business Continuity Framework, including Disaster Recovery. At the same time, we can help you develop your Business Continuity Plan 360, undertake an IT Audit, or provide Consulting Services to help you with the IT Audit.

CBCI Certification

Additionally, as certified CBCI Practitioners, we use the Business Continuity Institute “Good Practice Guide.

Various Audits and Subscriptions

Business Continuity 360 offers various services that can assist clients: Business Continuity Plan 360, IT Audit, Managed Services Providers (MSP) Audit, Privacy Audit and Consulting. In addition, BC360 also has Continuity Improvement and Risk Management add-ons.

We offer Monthly or Annual Subscriptions with an option to extend them to 24 and 36 months. BC360 has also collated and developed a Pandemic Response Audit Questionaire.

Please get in touch with us today to find out more.

AU Organisations with mature DR (%)

Cost of DR to AU organisations (in Billions)

Organisations without a DR plan (%)

Average downtime due to DR (hours)


By subscribing to one of our plans you could undertake a self-audit against a set of predefined questions and establish what are the gaps in your Business Continuity Plan read more +


We can help you do a comprehancive IT Audit shoudl you require one. This is a good way of keeping your costs down if you do not have an Internal IT team. Read more +


Over 100 questions you should answer before you create or update your pandemic response plan. The questions will be updated as situation changes.
read more +


We offer a consuting services should you prefer for us to do an Audit on your behalf or if your teams are too busy.Read more +


After completing a self-audit, you will receive a draft report based on best practice recommendations which you can comment on before we release a final report. Read more +


Our Auditing tools are cloud-based. All the information gets stored in Australia in Microsoft Azure. Read more +

Do you have a Business Continuity Plan? Have you done an IT Audit or Privacy Audit recently?

Check out our Self-Audit tools and see how prepared you are.
Business Continuity Plan 360 | IT Audit, Privacy Audit and Consulting.

BEST CHOICE FOR YOUR ONLINE Business Continuity Assessment

What is the biggest change you expect to see in business continuity practices or strategies within your organization during 2022?

The top trends so far in this area are:

  • 5 % will be making major revisions to BCM strategies and/or business continuity plans.
  • 11 % of respondents expect their organisation to implement new business continuity software in 2022.
  • 9 % expect their organisation to conduct more business continuity tests and exercises during 2022.
  • 9 % will be making significant changes to their crisis management capabilities.
  • 8 % will be giving more attention to managing cybersecurity and cyber risks.
  • 8 % will be making a major revision to IT DR or IT continuity strategies.
  • 5 % say they will be a move towards enterprise-wide, organisational or operational resilience.
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