BC360: Continuous Improvement


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– Month by month subscription
– Unlimited number of CI’s
– Includes 3 users
– Great add-on for any of the Audits
– Add CI straight from the Audit Report
– View Own, Logged, Associated, On Hold, Closed and older then 30 days
– CI Dashboard
– CI History
– Print CI Details and History
– Hosted In Microsoft Azure in Australia
– Customisable references per company
– Multiple Dashboards
Part of BC360 Framework

CI subscription offers a month-by-month or annual basis.

Continuous Improvement

Also called CI, is the ongoing improvement of products, services or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once.Source: ASQ

  • Phase 1 “Plan”: Plan for change and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Phase 2 “Do”: Implement changes identified.
  • Phase 3 “Study”: Check to determine if the change had the desired outcome.
  • Phase 4 “Act”: If successful, implement across the organization and process Continuous improvement: A subset of continual improvement, with a more specific focus on linear, incremental improvement within an existing process. Some practitioners also associate continuous improvement more closely with techniques of statistical process control. Source: ASQ

Hosted in Azure in Australia

Firstly, BC360 provides a cloud based SaaS tool. Given that users within any organisation can use to raise or identify an opportunity for improvement. Secondly, they can add selected CI to a Risk Matrix for easier tracking and reporting. Morover, CI’s can be added directly from any BC360 Audits by the Audit Reviewer or Company Admin.

In Conclusion, BC360 tool allows the usrs to see their own CI, CI’s they logged, Any that they are associated with, Closed or CI’s older than 30 days

In addition to CI subscription, Risk Matrix is another add-on that is part of the suit of apps in BC360 in Azure, Australia. Another key point is that we offer both 2D and  a unique 3D view of risks with third factor being People, Time or Cost. As shown aboveboth the CI and Risk Matrix significantly improve the maturity of the organisation.

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